Corien also creates unique porcelain jewelry in limited series, from pendants and charms to cufflinks and rings. You may not yet have seen Corien’s unique tuber collection. To find out more about these continue reading below ↓.


Corien has “re-invented” the corsage, giving it a clever update using the tuber. A tuber can be worn on a cord or ribbon around the neck, a piece of jewelry that keeps your lapel flower from drying out. The tubers can also be hung on the wall as a wallflower, or put on its own stand or pedestal. These pedestals are made out of the scraps generated by the process of casting jars and vases.


Above you see porcelain rings. Corien makes these rings by recycling the waste material generated in the process of casting porcelain jars. During the casting process, the liquid clay runs down the inside of the pouring hole, causing a tube to form, which would otherwise be thrown away. However, these can of course be cut into rings of various sizes. The insides of these rings are left white; the outsides are glazed in white, gold or silver. Thus, this excess “long-neck” material, an essential part of the casting process that is normally discarded, is turned into unique and appealing jewelry. Corien believes in the importance of waste reduction and recycling, so this is a perfect solution.

Cuff Links

Cuff links make any blouse or dress shirt a little more special, especially when they are made of these beautiful porcelain “eyes.”. The eyes appear frequently in Corien’s work, often seen, for example, as brooches.

Pendants, Charms and Brooches

Above is a selection of porcelain pendants, charms and brooches.
Small plastic fish-shaped bottles that you commonly see filled with soy sauce are the inspiration for the fish hangers on the photo above left. Corien has made a mold in which to cast these beautiful pendants.
Check out the blue and gold “gingerbread men.” Seen dangling from a chain around your neck, they look like acrobats dancing in the air. Animals and other shapes in gold and blue glaze, or unglazed, make beautiful pendants to hang on bracelets and necklaces, or to use as small brooches like the golden fish in the picture below right.

Jewelry Boxes

These jewelry boxes were first used as ring boxes at a wedding, a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day. The shell-shaped boxes are also used as small jewelry boxes.